Wide-Angle Lens Hood 49 mm Aluminium

  • Simply screw the camera
  • Material: Aluminium; Colour: Black
  • Filter thread: 49 mm
  • The light in the lens prevents canremember
  • Small, handy and extra easy assembly

Indispensable for the right Fotozubehör!

If the lens or eyepiece into the side light, it can cause significant restriction of
Image flying. Such Optical overlaps, Flares termed the lens. The image is photographed or
Queasy effect observed object or bland.

Prevent the spread of this sun visor lighting and better picture quality. Your recordings
Bold colours and high contrast images.

Is also a lens hood can also protect the lens, such as spray or bumps.

Technical Data

– Simply screw the camera
– Prevents lens comes to the light in
– Small, handy and extra easy assembly
– Material: Aluminium; Colour: Black
– Front diameter: about 72 mm (unthreaded)
– Filter Thread: 49 mm

Package Contents

1 x Wide Angle Lens Shade 49 mm

Reference: under a focal length 24 mm (kleinbildäquivalent) it can come to shading at the edges.

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