VSGO Antistatic Gloves with PU Coating – 100% Carbon Fiber – White – Dust free and Vacuum Packed – For DSLR and Lenses – DDG-2

  • DUST FREE & VACUUM PACKED: Thus, this gloves facilitate professional cleaning of dust and other impurities
  • GLOVES protect the electronics of your equipment and offer great comfort
  • ANTISTATIC, breathable, conductive, perfect fit
  • VERY GOOD conductivity values, ideal for camera lenses and other areas of consumer electronics – Does not attract dust
  • DELIVERY: 1x Pair of antistatic gloves – Vacuum packed

Antistatic gloves protect the electronics of your equipment and offer great comfort. Obtaining
excellent conductivity values, they can perfectly be used for cameras, lenses and other electronics. Glove is made of 100% carbon fiber.

At the same time, good grip is achieved thanks to the polyurethane coating.

– Dust-free & Vacuum packed
– No fingerprints at work on cameras, lenses etc.
– Antistatic, breathable, conductive, perfect fit
– Suitable for operating touchscreens
– Ideal for framing images while working with negatives and slides
– Does not attract dust
– 100% carbon fibers

1x Pair of antistatic gloves (Vacuum packed)

Lowest Price: £13.63
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