Ultra Slim CPL Circular Polarizing Filter for camera lens with 62 mm Filter Thread for High-Contrast Images with Saturated Colours

  • Ultra Smiley Face polarising filter 4.8 mm height
  • Effectively reduces unwanted reflections from water, glass and metal
  • For high contrast images with saturated colours
  • Compatible with all lenses with a 62 mm filter thread
  • With 62 mm filter thread – perfect for the lens hoods, lens cap etc.

With the f CPL Ultra Slim polarising filter from JJC they easily and efficiently reduce distracting background noise
Glare and reflections from window panes, water surfaces or metal. The rotatable frame
Allows you to customize a quick changes to the polarising to the impact of the filter always on
Customize your case.
In addition, the use of a polarising filter not only provides reduction of mist (Haze) in your
Pictures But Berschert yourself especially rich colours, high contrast photos. A effect, of
The photographic landscape especially extremely, you can enjoy.
It’s a jungle out there, but with 4.8 mm High can be ultra-slim construction possible shadow is thanks to the filter in the
The edges your photos can be avoided so pictures not unwanted vignetting to
Quality einbüßen. This highly durable filter glass protects your expensive lens also safe from
Scratches and other forms of damage on the sensitive front lens.
While its low height the JJC Ultra Slim polarising filter a 62 mm front thread, to the
They can also be used for other filters, lens hoods or the lens cap can be attached.
Unlike a linear polarising filters are Circuläre polarising filter (CPL) completely compatible with all
Currently used Auto Focus Systems. As you will need to also not to be used on the use of auto focus
Do not use when making polarising filters want to use.
The JJC F CPL62 polarising filter is compatible to all lenses with a 62 mm thread.
This can be found usually on the edge of the front lens of your lens as well as where applicable
Can also be found on the packaging and/or in the operating instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English) of the lens.
Technical details:
– Suitable for lenses with 62 mm thread
– Height: 4.8 mm
Front thread: 62 mm
Box Contents:
1 x JJC F CPL62 <

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