NiSi Adapter Ring For 100mm system V5 Holder & V3 Holder (52mm (52-82mm))

  • NiSi 52mm Adapter Ring For 100 system V5 holder specially for 52mm lens.
  • Made from aviation-grade aluminum with single element processing by CNC machine.
  • With matte black frosted finish on the surface.
  • All of the screw accessories are made of copper and with black nickel plating.
  • Individual package.

High quality aviation aluminum, independent packaging.

Please note: V5 filter holder adaptor ring cannot be used on V2-II Filter holder.

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NiSi Glass 100X150mm Nano Multicoated Graduated IR Neutral Density 0.9 Soft Edge Filter (3-Stops)

  • Can be used for Canon 16-35,Canon 24-70,Nikon 24-70,NiKon 70-200 and other 52mm,55mm,58mm,62mm,67mm,72mm,77mm,82mm lens,compatible with Lee Cokin Hitech Singh-Ray and other brand holder(Double sides coating+Hard Waterproof)
  • High Definition: The glass is fine annealing environmental protection optical glass H-K9L, it is specially used for optical lens.Double sides optical grinding and polishing to make sure the high definition of glass. Glass can bear extreme environment, but resin and glue line will deform in high and low temperature, which will influence the parallelism.
  • Ultra Low color cast: NiSi GND adopts our exclusive research and development gradual coating, the light from ultra violet to near-infrared light can pass through evenly. NiSi glass GND is durable, but the color of resin will fade, and glue line will easily come unglued.
  • Anti-glaring: Double sides anti-reflection coating,can avoid high reflection of metal film such as aluminum or chromium film. Double sides water-proof, anti-glaring and reflection coating,can lower the reflection and make the filter easy to clean.
  • World’s first Nano coating square optical gradient filter. It’s made from environmental optical glass (H-K9L).

NiSi Glass 100X150mm Nano Multicoated Graduated IR Neutral Density 0.9 Soft Edge Filter (3-Stops)

The NiSi Graduated Glass Neutral Density filters adopt our exclusive Nano dual sided gradual Multi-coating, this means ultra violet to near-infrared light can pass through evenly, ensuring a perfectly neutral effect. NiSi filters are precision cut, polished and optically processed to allow for extreme flatness and high parallelism for the highest quality glass, image quality and image crispness. The Optical Nano Multi-Coating provides for a perfectly neutral filter that has no color shift or color cast. This optical Nano coating is also anti-glaring and anti-reflective, alleviating solar glare. This technology was developed for the NiSi IR ND exclusively by NiSi Filters. This is a breakthrough in the world of Digital Imaging.

Compatible with Lee, Hitech, NiSi and Cokin 4×4 Holders.

Three types of NiSi GND: Soft GND, Hard GND, Reverse GND
Classification 0.3 / 0.6 / 0.9 / 1.2 / 1.5
Corresponding downshifting of exposure 1Stop / 2Stops / 3Stops/ 4Stops/ 5Stops
Model 70X100mm 100X150mm 150X170mm 180X210mm

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NiSi UV 55 mm Ultra Thin Lens Protection High Quality Professional Camera Filter

  • Ultra Thin Frame Design
  • Excellent Optical Performance
  • Inexpensive lens protection
  • Precision manufacture and matt finish

NiSi’s UV filter is a high quality professional filter for all of your outdoor needs. Designed specially to retain high quality images whilst battling with UV rays, this filter has an ultra light and thin frame that offers durability and allows for wide angled shots with no vignette. This is a stylish and essential addition to any photographer’s kit. From amateur to professional it is an affordable filter comparable with the top range brands to make sure you get the best quality and the best deal.

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