Polaroid Studio Series 58mm Lens Hood With Exclusive Pushbutton Mounting System – no more ‘screwing around” With Old Fashioned Threaded Hoods

  • Patented Push Button Mounting System
  • Can Be Used With Virtually Any Threaded Filter Or Lens Barrel
  • Unique Scalloped Design Prevents Lens Flare While Protecting Lens And Improving Contrast & Image Quality
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty


#1- Gently Press 2 Locking Buttons On the bottom of the hood
#2- While Keeping buttons depressed place hood on to the threaded area of your lens or filter
#3- When hood is in position release buttons to lock in place
To Remove: Simply Follow steps #1 while gently pulling hood towards you

If you’re tired of missing great photos because you were busy attaching or detaching a lens hood, Polaroid’s Clip Mount Lens Hood is just what you’ve been waiting for. All it takes is a gentle squeeze on its twin release tabs to attach/detach the unique Clip-Mount mechanism. from the barrel of your lens. Yet despite its simplicity -and the fact it’s compatible with virtually all threaded lenses, Polaroid’s Clip Mount lens hood is every bit as versatile as conventional ones-case in point, it even features a rotating barrel. If you’re tired of “screwing around” with conventional lens hoods , turn your attention to Polaroid’s Clip Mount Lens Hood.

Lowest Price: £8.73
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