JJC-3(D) Beginners 3-in-1 DSLR Cleaning Kit with Lens Pen + Air Blower + Cleaning Cloth

  • High quality 3 in 1 cleaning kit for your DSLR or system camera
  • Specially designed to meet the needs of sensitive cameras
  • Mild cleansing of the front lens with Lenspen
  • Versatile 16 x 16 cm microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Powerful cleaning bellows for contact-free the sensor chamber

Any Photographer White, such as increased, you even stains from entering the lens
Or dust grains on the sensor can effect on the recorded images.
Often enough just a single speck of dust to a all photo series
Ruin. Even more important is it so that specific cleaning utensils
Must for in any camera bag.
With this cleaning kit you will receive the three most important utensils to really make the most of your
Camera quickly and easily by the gröbsten impurities to clean.
These are especially suited to the needs of the sensitive camera
And able to provide you with as with appropriate use a alike
Thorough and damage- free way of cleaning your SLR camera.
With the Lenspen you can hang the particularly sensitive front lens your camera’s lens
Of Dust And Stains. To remove the first with the help of the extendible
And extra soft brush any dust, sand and any other Gröberen
Impurities. You can also put Hartnäckigere stains such as, for example,
Fingerprints With its special cleaning head of the pin soft in seconds.
The 16 x 16 cm Large Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is suitable for a cleaning of
Camera Body Screen, Lens or any other objects which you Features a
LEAD, such as your phone or glasses.
With a powerful chamber bellows you can hang the sensors of your camera securely
And no touch of the sensor from dust and other light
Dirt effectively resolve. With a pair of strong air shock removes
The dust from the sensor and the camera Herausgeblasen.
Box Contents:
1 x Lenspen
1 x Microfibre Cloth 16 x 16 cm
1 x Foot Pump

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