Iextreme 45-in-1 Accessories Bundles Kit Set for GoPro Hero 5/4/3/2/1 SJCAM Apeman, Head Strap + Selfie Stick + Wrist Strap + Vented Helmet Strap Mount + Floating Hand Grip + Chest Harness

  • 【Anti-fog inserts】They are necessary if you take your GoPro underwater or into humid places. Insert a few of these into the camera housing, it will not fog up.
  • 【Wrist Strap with screw】You can attach your camera to your wrist, free your hands.This is a very cool accessory. Compatible with all sizes of GoPro cameras.
  • 【Head Strap + Long Screw】Allows you to attach your Gopro camera on your head. The direction and the angle can be adjusted according to your needs. Easily to wear or release it.
  • 【Floating Grip + Long Screw】Allows you to take photos in the water. You can hold the grip in water. It will be floating in the water, bright yellow is so cute and can easily identified.
  • 【Chest Strap + Long Screw + Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm】Allows you to attach your Gopro camera on your chest. By rotating the Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm, you can get any angle you want.

◆ Self stick + Tripod Mount Adapter + Long Screw: Allow you to use the 180 degree position self stick to the height or distance that you can not reach. Small, lightweight and portable, easy to store.
◆ Bike handlebar+ 3-Way Adjustable Pivot Arm: Allow you to attach camera to bicycle handlebars, record everything while you are biking. Free your hand.
◆ Suction Cup Mount: Broad range to attach your GoPro securely to Smooth Surfaces, like windshield, porcelain tile, fish tanks, other glasswares etc

Package Included:
1 x Head Strap Mount
1 x Thumb Screw Wrench
2 x Thumb Screw
1 x Safety Buckle
1 x Chest Harness
1 x Nylon Wrist Strap
1 x Floaty Sponge
1 x 3-way Pivot Arm
12 x Anti-fog Insert
2 x Flat Surface Mount
2 x Curved Surface Mount
1 x Floating Hand Grip
2 x Black Tripod Mount Adapter
4 x 3M Adhesive Sticker
1 x Vented Helmet Strap Mount
2 x Black Basic Buckle
1 x Bicycle Clip
1 x Selfie Stick / Handheld Monopod
3 x Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount
1 x Suction Cup Mount with Adjustable Arm
1 x Wrist Strap
1 x Drawstring Bag
2 x Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle Mount

◆ Please use Floating Handle in water sports to avoid losing your camera.
◆ The waterproof case and Gopro NOT included !!!

— 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (caused by non-artificial quality issue, excluding man-made damage, misuse or force majeure)

Special Note:
If you need the instructions, please contact our customer service by email. We promise to send it to you as soon as possible.

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