BAXXTAR MANGA IV Digital Camera Bag Case * Black / White * for Nikon Coolpix W100 S33 .. and many more.. A list of matching camera models is located in the product description

  • We are offering this attractive and well designed bag in extremely durable material, featuring a new improved ergonomic design; guaranteeing wearer comfort and increased storage capacity
  • It provides a further exterior pocket to store small accessories such as battery, memory cards USB sticks etc.
  • With shoulder strap and belt loop.
  • (Interior) 11,5cm x 6,5cm x 3,6cm
  • suitable for example for: Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ70 TZ60 TZ57 TZ55 TZ50 TZ45 TZ40 TZ35 TZ30 FT30 FT4 — Canon PowerShot G9 X G9 X Mark II S95 S110 S120 S200 SX720 SX710 SX700 SX620 SX610 SX600 SX280 SX270 A3300 A1200 — Nikon Coolpix W100 S33 L27 L29 L31 S9700 S9600 S9500 S9400 S9300 S9200 S9100 P300 P310 P340 — Sony Cybershot DSC HX90 HX90V HX80 HX20V HX10V HX9V HX5V HX7V H70 H55 — Casio Exilim EX ZS150 ZR200 ZR100 ZR10 H20G H30 H10 H15 — Fujifilm FinePix F600EX and more

The MANGA IV is suitable for example for :

CANON Powershot G9 X G9 X Mark II SX700 SX710 SX720 SX600 SX610 SX620 SX220 SX230 SX240 SX260 SX270 SX280 S110 S120 A3000 A3100 A480 A490 A495 IXUS 1000 300 HS, 210 110 200 870 990 860 (IS)

CASIO Exilim EX ZS150 ZR100 ZR200 ZR300 ZR400 ZR700 ZR800 ZR1000 FC100 H30 H20G H10 H15 Z2000 Z550 Z330 S200

KODAK Easyshare C123 Sport ZX5 ZX3 Playsport

NIKON Coolpix W100 S31 S32 S33 S9700 S9600 S9500 S9400 S9300 S8200 S8000 S8100 S9100 AW100 AW120 AW130 L20 L23 P300 P310 P330 P340 S6100

PANASONIC Lumix DMC TZ70 TZ65 TZ60 TZ57 TZ55 TZ40 TZ35 TZ30 TZ25 TZ22 TZ20 TZ18 TZ10 TZ8 FT4 FT3 ZX3 FS35 FS37

SAMSUNG WB800F WB850F WB150F WB250F WB350F WB380F WB750 WB700 WB650 WB690 WB600 WB2000 ES65 PL150 PL100 PL70 PL80 ST70 ST45

SONY Cybershot DSC RX100 Mark I HX90 HX90V HX80 HX80V HX20V HX10V HX9V HX5V HX7V H55 H70 TX7 S2000 WX500 HDR AS50

Flip UltraHD II III MinoHD III

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