Rangers (6 pcs) Dry APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swab Set for DSLR CCD CMOS Digital Camera, Lens, Glasses. Vacuum packaging, lint-free sterile fabric, ideal for absorbing and sweeping away invisible particles and smudges

  • Zero Harm: 16mm Cleaning Swab with lint-free sterile fabric head can easily cleans the invisible dust, particles and smudges on APS-C Frame Sensor and leaves ZERO harm.
  • Vacuum Packaged: These swabs are individually vacuum packaged for improving the portability and long term storage.
  • Multiple Usage: Cleaning Swabs can also use for cleaning optical lens, filters, glasses, mobile phones, edge of monitors, keyboards, etc.
  • Unique Jagged edge: Jagged edge stick design enhances the handheld stability, prevents accidently slip when cleaning the sensor.
  • High Performance: The cleaner solution can be distributed evenly on the swab which ensures efficient cleansing. The Cleaning Swab can also absorb excessive fluid to prevent leaving water stains.

Vacuum packaged for each swab to ensure dust-free and provides long term storage.

Easily sweep away the invisible dust, particles and smudges on APC-C frame sensor and leaves ZERO harm.

New Jagged edge design prevents accidently slip when cleaning the devices.

The head is made of lint-free sterile fabric, which features fabulous performance on dry or wet cleansing for your devices.

Each swab is disposable use.

This product has passed SGS test.

How to use:
a. Before cleaning, please make sure your camera is placed in a Bright Area and has been set at Clean Mode.
b. Take off the lens and blow away dust inside the chamber with an air blower. (NOT included)
c. Take out the swab from the packing carefully, keep it away from making contact with other objects to avoid getting dusty.
d. Gently Sweep the sensor in a continuous motion.
e. Turn the swab to opposite side.
f. Use the new clean side of swab and repeat sweep in a opposite direction.

Package includes:
6 x Rangers APC-P Cleaning Swabs (16mm)

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