Polaroid 65” VariPod 2-in-1 Telescoping Camera Monopod with Removable Tripod Stand Base – Shoulder/Carrying Bag Included

  • 2-in-1: Monopod & Tripod Base Can Be Used Independently or Together
  • Locking Tripod Feet with Rubberized Grip Pads for Enhanced Stability
  • Monopod Extends to 65″; Tripod On Its Own Lifts Camera 4 Inches
  • Base Tilt Angle, Rotation & Telescoping Section Locks for Optimal Positioning
  • Integrated Removable Wrist Strap – Shoulder/Carrying Bag Included

It’s a monopod. It’s a tripod. It’s a winner.
Sometimes it’s the extended reach you need, while other occasions call for the hands-off shooting stability and reliability provided by a freestanding tripod. With the Polaroid® “VariPod” monopod/tripod you get the best of both worlds in one rugged package that’s ready to traverse the globe with you. The monopod section extends up to 65″, and the removable 4-inch tripod base provides additional height and a whole lot of stability and shooting precision. For the serious photographer/videographer, this is one must-have piece of kit that quickly becomes a staple tool in all camera-centered scenarios.
Use the two pods together or separately.
Choose the monopod on its own for overhead applications and other far-reaching shooting angles. Its rubberized section locks add a fair amount of grip at various points on the telescoping arm for ergonomics. Use the tripod on its own for extremely stable close-up work that doesn’t require a lot of ground clearance.
Get the perfect angle and perspective.
The Polaroid “VariPod” is designed with fine positioning controls throughout; it is one carefully considered tool that takes into account the precision-based work of the pro photographer. That’s why the tripod section features a smoothly adjustable ball head design with a tilt-angle lock, as well as a 360° rotation lock. The telescoping arm is also sectioned for extreme accuracy and just right height adjustments everywhere within the 65″ extension range. Last but not least, the integrated wrist strap can easily be removed, allowing for further convenience in personal use.

Max Height: 65″
Fold Height: 22″
Sections: 4
Load Weight: 12 lbs
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 1.7 lbs

Lowest Price: £39.71
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