Optix Pro 1 Pack Orange Waterproof Floating Foam Wrist Strap for Underwater/Waterproof Cameras, Action Cameras, Video Cameras, Cases, Housing & Marine Binoculars

  • Soft neoprene covered wrist strap suitable for most wrist sizes. Easily slips on to the wrist and weights just 20g.
  • Helps to prevent sinking or loss of waterproof devices in water by providing buoyancy but allows you to take easily below the surface.
  • Each strap is designed to float devices up to approx. 1.2kg. Additional straps can be attached to heavier cameras to give buoyancy.
  • Brightly coloured to allow for more visibility in low light conditions.
  • Can also be used outside of the water as a padded wrist strap for cameras, phones, binoculars.

Help to prevent your underwater device from sinking or being lost underwater. Fits a large range of devices with lanyard loops, plus cases and housing.

The design enables you to easily bring your device below the surface for that all important shot or view. Quick attach and release adaptor so you can fix on and remove your device with ease when back on dry land.

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