High Quality The The Focal Distance of Your 2.0x Telephoto Teleconverter Lens for Any Camera Lens With 58 mm Filter Thread Lens

  • High quality 2.0x TELE converter for doubling of the focal distance of your lens
  • High resolution glass with multi-coating for clear and sharp images
  • Compatible with all cameras and lenses with a 58 mm filter thread
  • With 67 mm filter thread for connecting filters, lenses and lens hood
  • With front and rear back cover and a practical carry bag

High resolution with this high quality 2.0x TELE CONVERTER FROM GLASS, you can easily
And easily increase the focal length of your Camera and so on away design
Detailed mapping. Like a pair of binoculars increases lens that far away objects
Have been enlarged, it appears more closer the bigger the focal distance of your
Lens as well as the factor Teleconverter are locked up safe and sound. It creates a converter with a
Factor of 2.0x a greater magnification than a with the factor 1.3x.
Thanks to the use of high quality materials, this Tele Converter not delights
Only thanks to its brilliant and detailed image quality, but also thanks to its
Sturdy and reliable construction. This way the converter itself made from robust aluminium
Made and also be more stress.
Thanks to the high resolution multi-coated lenses made from glass are chromatic aberration
Efficient reduced to an absolute minimum and therefore have a razor sharp image
Your designs. The 67 mm filter thread of the converter also allows you
Kept in “Just filter and lens hoods of your camera to use.
Please note:
We would like to remind that the use of a teleconverter with a
Extension of the necessary exposure time goes, as due to the increased focal length
Less light into the camera.
This teleconverter is compatible to all cameras and lenses with a 58 mm filter thread.
Technical details:
– Connection thread: 58 mm
Filter thread: 67 mm
– Material: Aluminium, high resolution glass
– Weight: approx. 210G
Box Contents:
1x Telephoto Converter
1x transportation bag
1 x Back Cover
1 x Front Cover

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