Dog Lover Kit Premium Bundle Accessories for GoPro Hero 4 Session

  • Experience incredible GoPro moments from the truly epic to awesome everyday adventures.
  • Best Value: With this GoPro Accessories Dog Lover Kit edition you can capture the world from your dog’s view. This kit is design to keep up and cover footage with your dog’s view while he’s running, jumping, to sniffing, digging and more.
  • Inclusions: 1.) 2x Thumb Knob 2.)2x Black Buckle Basic Mount 3.)2x Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle 4.) Gopro Dog Mount and Harness 5.) Velcro Belt for Remote 6.) Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm 7.) Bag for Gopro Accessories 8.) 12 pieces Anti-fog inserts 9.) Floaty Session 10.) Gopro Hero 4 Session waterproof CASE
  • All are made in premium quality: durable and sturdy, exclusively designed to fit the active lifestyle of every individual and ensuring the safety of your GoPro Hero Camera.
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero4 Session.

2x THUMB KNOB – serves as base that allows you to attach your GoPro camera to a chest harness securely, comes in two different sizes 5cm and 5.5cm
2x BLACK BUCKLE BASIC MOUNT – for curved or flat Adhesive Mount with quick pull and plug activity.
2x VERTICAL SURFACE J-HOOK BUCKLE – allows you to attach your GoPro camera to a chest harness or adhesive helmet mount.
GoPro DOG MOUNT & HARNESS – can be placed on the chest or back portion of the dog, quick and easy to put on.
VELCRO BELT FOR REMOTE – fully adjustable to fit around any wrist size comfortably. 3 WAY ADJUSTABLE PIVOT ARM – allows 3 directions adjustable to make your GoPro in the ideal shooting angle you desire.
BAG – perfect storage for your GoPro together with the other accessories. It keeps them handy.
12 PIECES ANTI-FOG INSERTS – Anti-fog inserts are made with high quality silica gel on cellulose fiber. Designed to prevent fogging and moisture, can be used up to 5x
FLOATY SESSION- design to fit the GoPro Hero4 Session into it, aiding the GoPro Session float may that be in the pool or in the sea.
WATERPROOF CASE – up to depth of 197 feet (60 meters). Designed to fit GoPro 4 Session Camera.


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