Camdiox GOPOLE Reach 14-24″ Evo Floating Telescopic Extension Stand for GoPro

  • The GoPole Evo is a transparent, floating extension pole to help give you filming angles not normally found with GoPro cameras
  • The all new Evo will extend from 17 inches to 24 inches helping you shoot steadier footage, closer to the action
  • Flip the camera around on the swivel head for POV filming. The transparent design makes POV shots less distracting and more satisfying
  • The removable remote clip allows you to attach your Wi-Fi remote to control your camera from your fingertips
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras

Includes a threaded insert on the base of the handle which allows attachment to standard camera tripods and other equipment. A wrist strap is included and the lightweight feel means the GoPole Evo is a must for all film makers

Lowest Price: £33.99
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