Adapter for Olympus OM Lens to Canon EOS EF 5D 7D 550D 600D 60D 1100D T3i T2i DC131

  • It support all EOS 35mm film or Digital SLR cameras(5D, 30D, 20D, 10D, 400D, 350D, 300D, IDs, ID MK II)
  • It supports Infinity Focus
  • Made of metal (not plastic)
  • Color : silver

With this lens adapter, you can mount Olympus OM Zuiko Lens on the Canon EOS digital SLR camera systems, it must a big saving good news for everyone. Love your camera again!


It support all EOS 35mm film or Digital SLR cameras(EOS Rebel XSi, EOS Rebel XTi, Rebel XT, Rebel, 5D, 7D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 500D, 550D, 500D, 600D, 1000D,IDs, ID MK II,etc¡­).
It supports manual exposure, aperture priority exposure as well as TTL flash.
It supports Infinity Focus.
Made of copper.
Color : Silver.
NOTE: Focus have to be adjusted manually.

To Mount: Attach the adapter onto the Olympus OM Lens, then mount them onto the camera.

To Remove: To remove the adapter you should unpress fixative pin and turn the adapter anticlockwise.

Compatible for:

Mount Adapter Ring For Olympus OM Lens to all Canon.
Compatible with all Canon EOS 35mm film or Digital SLR cameras.

Package Includes:

Olympus OM Lens to All Canon EOS Camera Mount Adaptor x1

Lowest Price: £5.99
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